Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Heart Your Heart

My Heart is My Heart.
Your Heart is Your Heart.
We are still together when we are apart.
That's the reality of what is meant to be.
Can't you see you belong to me.
Our hearts as one.
We've only just begun.
Let's make it last reminisce on the past.
My heart is My Heart.
Your Heart is Your Heart.
We are still together when we are apart.
I got your back I know you got mine.
Let's love eachother like we're running out of time.
We found eachother.
Staying true together
All we have to do is be down till whenever.
My Heart is My Heart.
Your Heart is Your Heart.
We are still together when we are apart...

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Words, My Thoughts

My thoughts are over flowing from the words in my head.
Will not stop until said.
From the womb to a visible person.
I try to write or resite without cursing.
From a Girl to a Lady.
From a Boy to a Man.
Once our life starts we need a plan.
Our Parents start the task.
Once we are older make it last.
People come. People go.
That's one thing we do know.
Life is giving to us.
Choices we make on our own.
Don't make the wrong one then you'll be left alone.
I am Loved.
I do love back.
Some don't or won't cause they think it's wack.
If it's your Family or someone you meet along the way.
Be kind you never know it could be your day.
I am writing this Poem.
Cause, I have been shown.
That Life don't Live.
People Live Life.
People We Are Equal.
We Are The World.
It don't matter what one may say.
If you are reading this or listening.
Take Charge.
Today is Your Day.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

I Was Inspired

I was inspired by a writer, to take my poems a little higher, to another level.
Dig out my thoughts with a shovel.
Sometimes people see things you can't.
Don't pant.
You just need a push.
In the right direction.
You never know.
Who you may meet.
I suggest always be neat.
Be prepared.
You don't know when you'll be dared.
Don't get scared even though it's okay.
Opportunities come and go.
Don't let them slip you by.
Because you don't know, or won't even try.
One may not believe.
But if one don't.
How can you achieve.
Influences are all around.
Keep your mind open
Be on rebound.
(Author: The Piano Girl)
Robin Maloy Goldsby inspired me.
To write this book of poetry.
To The Taxi Girl.
From The Piano Girl.
I think you can write a book Chantell is what she said to me.
Well here it go for all eyes to see.
I was inspired.
So I tried it.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Winning Team

Some go through this.
Some go through that.
You just scored big.
Like a baseball bat.
The ball is in your court.
I'll keep it kind of short.
We're the Winning Team.
Like no-one's ever seen.
Some go through this.
Some go through that.
A team of many players.
No room for haters.
That's the way to go.
If you don't know.
A real Team for show.
There is no I in team.
If you know what I mean.
Some go this through this.
Some go through that.
We lead different lives.
Though it may seem.
All you need is that winning Team.



Grandmothers are special.
In their own way.
They carried our mothers.
So we could have a day.
They gave them life.
So we can live.
We have morals so forgive.
Grandmothers are special.
In their own way.
Grandmothers have wisdom.
So people lets give them.
The love they deserve.
That our hearts preserve.
Grandmothers are special.
In their own way.
They carried our mothers.
So we could have a day.


Saturday, November 15, 2008


My Mother has come.
Now she has gone home.
I felt as though I was left alone.
Must imagine how one must feel.
When a love one has taken ill.
Jet black hair.
Chocolate complexion.
That was My Mother.
This is my lesson.
I love her so much.
Too many words to explain.
I will go on.
I will be sane.
My Mother has come.
Now she has gone home.
Forever in my heart.
Always on my mind.
She was My Mother.
I know.
Because, I am left behind.

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Trees, logs, grass and dirt.
It is all apart of earth.
Leaves, squirrels, birds, dogs and cats.
Nature takes its place in that.
It rains. It snows. It's sunny, then get cloudy.
But only people.
Make it rowdy.
The sun shines so bright.
Then again, gets real dark at night.
Look Outside and you'll see. That I was right.

Buildings, Houses, Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Gas Stations
Restaurants, Recreations.
Are our own Creations.
We are the People. We are the World.
Lets go Outside.
Be on each other's side.
Please keep in mind.
It is your time.
To shine.

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Yes You Can

Can I make a change.
Yes you can.
Is what I say.
The skies are bright.
The moon is white.
Your day is only what you make it.
So, get it right.
Ask yourself, if this is what you want.
If not.
You're the only one at fault.
We make choices in our lives.
That makes us rich or makes us strange.
It's up to you.
Ask yourself can I make a change.
The answer is simple.
Yes You Can!

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My Family

My Son, My Husband and I.
Only God.
Knows why.
My Family til the end.
I appreciate the Lord.
For the mend.
For putting us together.
Keeping us strong.
Through any kind of weather.
My Son, My Husband and I.
Again, only God knows why.
My Family is my heart.
I thanked God from the start.
Life is to live.
Family is to stay.
Friends come and go.
So stay tight with your Family.
See things in Gods way.
My Family...


Thursday, September 27, 2007


I know you wonder.
What is a Chewy.
But, when his name is called.
He runs to me.
We met one summer day.
From then on, with me is where he'll stay.
He is a true friend til the end.
His heart is bigger than he is.
He is a Chiwauha.
With a big Holla.
My pet Chewy.
The Chiwauha.

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Leave a WORD.
Whatever comes to mind, The way you're feeling.
The mood you're in, Whatever.
Chewy has two words RUFF, RUFF!