Saturday, November 15, 2008


My Mother has come.
Now she has gone home.
I felt as though I was left alone.
Must imagine how one must feel.
When a love one has taken ill.
Jet black hair.
Chocolate complexion.
That was My Mother.
This is my lesson.
I love her so much.
Too many words to explain.
I will go on.
I will be sane.
My Mother has come.
Now she has gone home.
Forever in my heart.
Always on my mind.
She was My Mother.
I know.
Because, I am left behind.

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Anonymous said...

Nie poem and Love the picture

leonidas300 said...

Nice poem Chantell. Nice site!


JazLive said...

Chantell, look into the mirror ~ close Your Eyes; give yourself a hug and You will also be hugging Your Mom.

She is still here, inside of You.

To be absent in the flesh is grander in the Spirit.

I understand face to face ~ however, LOVE never cease to exist.

Anonymous said...

Great Poem