Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Words, My Thoughts

My thoughts are over flowing from the words in my head.
Will not stop until said.
From the womb to a visible person.
I try to write or resite without cursing.
From a Girl to a Lady.
From a Boy to a Man.
Once our life starts we need a plan.
Our Parents start the task.
Once we are older make it last.
People come. People go.
That's one thing we do know.
Life is giving to us.
Choices we make on our own.
Don't make the wrong one then you'll be left alone.
I am Loved.
I do love back.
Some don't or won't cause they think it's wack.
If it's your Family or someone you meet along the way.
Be kind you never know it could be your day.
I am writing this Poem.
Cause, I have been shown.
That Life don't Live.
People Live Life.
People We Are Equal.
We Are The World.
It don't matter what one may say.
If you are reading this or listening.
Take Charge.
Today is Your Day.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely Words